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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), And How Is It Different from 2FA? – By Anthony Heddings

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, has been around for a while. It usually refers to using an SMS code as an additional step for logging in to your account. However, the term has been being replaced by “Multi-Factor Authentication.” What’s the difference?

The YubiKey 5C NFC Can Unlock Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop – By Josh Hendrickson

Whether you’re on the go or working from home, locking your electronics is always a tricky balance of security and convenience. A device can either be totally secure or incredibly convenient to access, but not both. Yubico’s latest security key, the $55 YubiKey 5C NFC, might have the balance just right. It can unlock nearly any device with minimal effort.