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> Should I Buy a Chromebook?

Chromebook Review (2019) – Should I Buy a Chromebook?  by Style Factory
"Should I buy a Chromebook?" is a question that is asked with increasing frequency by both individuals and businesses looking to reduce their computing costs and/or work exclusively in the cloud. This Chromebook review explores the pros and cons of using Chromebooks and other Chrome OS-based computers and helps you answer that question.

How to change your Gmail signature

How to change your Gmail signature – By Aliya Chaudhry

Adding an email signature is a considerate thing to do when you’re communicating professionally. You can have all of the necessary information — such as your full name, position, and contact information — right there, and you don’t have to worry if you accidentally forget to sign off your emails. It’s also useful if you’re in a hurry or sending an email from your phone. (You can also set it up on your mobile app.) It’s easy to set one up in Gmail. Here’s how:

> How to use copy and paste on a Chromebook

How to use copy and paste on a Chromebook – By Andrew Myrick

It should come as no surprise that as time has passed everyone by, Chromebooks have progressed and become true productivity machines. And while these devices give us a lot of functionality that you won't find elsewhere, you'll likely want to know how to do some of the more basic tasks. One such task that is performed a plethora of times per day is to simply copy and paste text or other items from one place to another. Here's how you can do so right from your Chromebook.

> How to clean up Google Chrome when it’s slow or acting up

How to clean up Google Chrome when it's slow or acting up – By Kyle Bradshaw

These days, you can’t get hardly anything done without a good, working web browser, but what do you do when Google Chrome starts acting up? Here’s a guide for how to clean up some of Google Chrome’s most common issues including slow loading, excess notifications, using the wrong search engine, and more.

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