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Google Maps tricks to travels efficient & fast

5 Google Maps tricks to make your travels more efficient, fast, and fun – By Doug

For many of us, Google Maps is an indispensable tool—but not one whose advanced features we spend that much time exploring. While it’s a solid choice for simply getting from point A to point B without much fuss, here are some helpful features and functionality that let you do a lot more than simply arrive safely.

– Printer with low-cost ink refills 2019

Printer With Low-Cost Ink Refills 2019

Multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills. I use E-Z Ink – Glenn

MFCJ491DW     $79.99  Print 6/ppm, Copy 3/ppm, 1.8" display, Capacity 100, Duplex, Wi-Fi 

MFCJ690DW   $119.99  Print 10/ppm, Copy 6/ppm, 2.7" display, Capacity 100, Duplex, Wi-Fi 

MFCJ895DW   $129.99  Print 10/ppm, Copy 6/ppm, 2.7" display, Capacity 150, Duplex, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

All have Cloud Services  GOOGLE DRIVE™,  DROPBOX, BOX, ONEDRIVE®, ONENOTE®, and Brother Cloud Apps

LC-3013 ink cartridge for use with Brother MFC-J491DW MFC-J895DW MFC-J690DW MFC-J497DW Printer 

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for Brother LC3013 :  $24.59
2 x Black LC3013BK, 1 x Cyan LC3013C, 1 x Magenta LC3013M, 1 x Yellow LC3013Y
Page Yield: Black is 400 pages per cartridge, Color is 400 pages per cartridge

Go-EZL Replacement for Brother LC 3013  $17.97
Printer high Yield (2 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow) 5 Pack  
Page Yield: Black ink cartridge 550 pages, Color 550 pages (Letter/A4, at 5% coverage).

Bill Nye Pimps Chromebooks in Brand New Video Ad

Bill Nye Pimps Chromebooks in Brand New Video Ad – By Joey-Elijah

Bill Nye, aka the science guy, is back educating the masses in his own imitable style, but this time the topic he’s tackling is Chromebooks!

A three-minute ad added to the Chromebook YouTube channel this week sees Nye dish out some salient computing tips, with the chief takeaway being: buy a Chromebook.

How to Tell Which iPhone You Have

How to Tell Which iPhone You Have – By Justin

Most iPhones share a similar design, so it’s not always easy to tell which model you own. This information is essential when shopping for accessories like cases or asking Apple for technical support. Here’s how you can find which smartphone is in your pocket.

How to Organize Your Google Drive

How to Organize Your Google Drive – By Brady

Over time, with some neglect and potential laziness, your Google Drive can accrue tons of files and become a mess to find anything. Here’s how to organize your Drive to find everything fast and make sure it stays in order.

How to Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs – By Brady

The equation editor in Google Docs is the perfect feature for people who use mathematical equations inside their documents. Here’s how you can quickly add math equations with ease in any of your Google documents online.

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