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Spam In your Calendar? Here’s What to Do

Spam In your Calendar? Here’s What to Do. – By

Many spam trends are cyclical: Spammers tend to switch tactics when one method of hijacking your time and attention stops working. But periodically they circle back to old tricks, and few spam trends are as perennial as calendar spam, in which invitations to click on dodgy links show up unbidden in your digital calendar application from Apple, Google and Microsoft. Here’s a brief primer on what you can do about it.

Google Has a Fix to Stop Google Calendar Spam – By Kris

Google is working on a fix to stop Google Calendar spam. Which is hitting more and more people every week. And while Google’s permanent fix isn’t ready yet, there is a way to stop Google Calendar spam right now by tweaking a few settings.

Google says it’s working to remove annoying spam from Calendar – By Manuel

In June, we discovered that spammers and scammers found a new way to distribute their unwarranted information via Google Calendar by exploiting a default setting in Gmail which automatically invites email recipients to events. Now, Google is finally ready to step in. The company today announced that it's working on resolving the issue, but isn't ready to share any details just yet.