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Font With Slashed Zero

Font With Slashed Zero

Which fonts in Google Docs has a zero with a line through it like this / ?

For some printouts, it may be beneficial to use a zero with a slash through it rather than the standard zero without a slash. This is called a “slashed zero”, and while not every font has one, several of the fonts installed in Google Docs do.

A solution is to simply change to a different font that uses a slashed zero in place of the regular zero. There is any number of such fonts already be installed in Google Docs. They are Consolas, Inconsolata, Roboto Mono and Share Tech Mono fonts. You’ll need to experiment with whatever font you select to see what looks best for your document.

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

  1. Go to the fonts drop-down menu.
  2. Select “More fonts” at the bottom.
  3. Make sure “Show all fonts” is selected at the top.
  4. Look for the font you want in the fonts list.
  5. Click on the font you want to add it to the “My Fonts” list at the right.
  6. Click the blue OK button to close out the box.







Here are a few more fronts suggested by Mike B, these fonts are not in Google docs but can be installed in Windows.