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The best password manager for 2020

The best password manager for 2020 and how to use them – By Clifford Colby

No more struggling to come up with clever, cryptic passwords that you have a hard time remembering. With a secure and easy-to-use password manager, you can store your passwords and manage your login credentials across all your devices, keeping your passwords secure, automatically filling in forms in web browsers, and syncing your data across MacOS, Windows, Android phones, iPads, iPhones and more.

Set Up Contactless Payment Now

Set Up Contactless Payment Now to Avoid Coronavirus Exposure at Checkouts – By Jason Fitzpatrick

If you have a smartphone or smartwatch that supports contactless payments, there has never been a better time to turn that feature on. Everyone touches the payment terminal at the store, which means it’s the last thing you want your hands near.

How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on an iPhone – by How-To Geek
There are many reasons to live within Apple’s walled garden, and Apple Pay is one of them. Here we’re going to run through the steps that must be taken to set up, and then use, Apple Pay on an iPhone.

Everything You Can Do With Google Pay – by How-To Geek

Google Pay has really grown over the last several months. It stepped away from the Android-specific branding and has added supported for loyalty cards and boarding passes. So what all can you do with Google Pay?

Google Advanced Protection Program

Google Advanced Protection Program – By

Phishing is a common technique that can be used to trick you into giving away your username, password, 2-Step Verification code, or other personal information. Phishing attacks can happen through a variety of channels, including email, telephone, text message, or in apps.

Use Google Advanced Protection to Protect Your Family Members From Android Malware – By

The Google Play Store unwittingly hosts malicious apps, and it seems like a new batch is discovered every other week. You should be OK as long as you follow basic data security protocols, use a reliable anti-malware service, and are vigilant about removing dangerous apps whenever they’re spotted. But here’s the thing: These shady app developers and hackers aren’t targeting users who keep their devices safe; they’re after your friends and family members who don’t know the risks (or stubbornly ignore them).

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