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Google Photos Albums Search

Google Photos now has albums included in search results by

Google Photos is great (speaking personally, it's one of my favorite Google products), but there's always been one thing wrong with it: albums were not included in search results. Say I search for "cats" (I have a lot of photos of my cats). The photos in the albums would be included, as well as items found by object recognition, but the album with my cat photos would not be included. Google has now fixed this anomaly, causing the album itself to be included.

Smartphone Automatic Photo Uploads

Take Control of Your Smartphone’s Automatic Photo Uploads by HowToGeek

Modern smartphones and cloud photo services want to automatically upload every single photo you take to the cloud. This ensures all those photos you take are safely backed up somewhere, but it isn’t ideal for every single photo. Unfortunately, companies like Apple and Google haven’t gotten that message. Here’s how to control which photos get uploaded, and to where.

Google adds rotation to Photos

Google adds rotation suggestions and more to Photos service by Android and Me

Google Photos is continuously getting better. Google has just announced a few new features that are sure to please those who use the service. The big one is a card that suggests which photos need to be rotated. You can then tap the photos to rotate them right side up. Sideways photos are definitely a pain, so this is a great tool.

Google Photos will also show you “memories” (read: old photos) of people who are in your new photos if your library spans that far back. It shows recent highlights, too, making small groups of similar photos. And lastly, Photos can now automatically make GIFs from the best parts of your videos, which it finds itself.

Better Pictures with Your Phone

How to Take Better Pictures with Your Phone’s Camera by How-To Geek 

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and most smartphone cameras can now easily replace a point-and-shoot. For users who have experience taking pictures, the move from a “real” camera to a smartphone can be an easy one, but for users with no photography experience, it can be a real challenge to get a decent looking shot from your phone. Fortunately, smartphone cameras are often…