Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Working With Picture Files


Manage your photos in one place, and find photos you forgot you had.
Eliminate scratches & blemishes, fix red-eye, crop and more.
Turn photos into movies, collages, slideshows and more.
Upload seamlessly to Picasa Web Albums to share with friends, family & the world.
To share pictures I use and recommend Picasa Web Albums.  It is are free and has many advantages to simply e-mailing pictures to your friends and family.

  • You only have to upload the pictures one time (to share in the future simply repeat step 2 in “Sharing – Granting album access” below).
  • The e-mail notification is small it only contains the links to view your albums.
  • The recipient can simply click a link to see a great slide show of your pictures.
  • You can allow your users to download full size pictures for printing (you will need to use the Original Size option)
  • If you use the Recommended (1600 pixels wide) upload size the free account will store about 4000 pictures.
  • Picasa Web Albums can be used to backup your original files under the following conditions:
    • The original file is a JPG.
    • The image can be no larger than 20MB and is restricted to 50 megapixels or less.
    • The image doesn’t have any unsaved edits.
    • You upload the image at ‘Original Size.’
  • Your can add extra storage for a low yearly cost.

Upload to Picasa Web Albums: Upload using Picasa
Use the Upload button in Picasa to share your photos online in Picasa Web Albums. To upload your photos to a new or existing web album, follow these steps:

  1. Select the photos you’d like to upload
  2. Once you’ve selected all of your photos, click the Upload button in the Photo Tray.
  3. Sign in to your Google Account for Picasa Web Albums.
  4. Choose your upload settings:
  5. Select one of your existing online albums or click the New button to create a new one.
    • Click the areas under ‘Album Title’ and ‘Description’ to edit those fields.
    • Choose your preferred upload size.
    • Choose the visibility level for your album.
    • Click the Upload button. The Upload Manager will appear and show you the status of the upload.
  6. When the upload is complete, click the View Online button in the Upload Manager to go directly to the web album in your browser.

Album Privacy: Manage album access
As the album owner, you decide exactly who has access to your album. In addition to the different levels of album visibility, Picasa Web Albums lets you keep track of the users you’ve shared an album with. Adding people to the “Shared with” list has the following benefits:

  • Easy access. The people on this list are the only ones that can see albums set to the “Sign-in required to view” access level. Plus, everyone on this list can see the album on your public gallery regardless of changes you make to album visibility.
  • Email notification. Everyone you invite using the Share button is added to the list and will receive an email invitation to view your photos. They also get notified when new photos are uploaded to the album in the future.
  • Collaboration. You can choose to let people on the list add photos to your album.

Sharing – Granting album access
Use the Share button in Picasa or Picasa Web Albums to add people to the “Shared with” list and to send them an email invitation to view the album. Follow these steps:
1.  Click the Share button in the Picasa software or Picasa Web Albums.
2.  Add your friends and family. You can add both individual users and entire Google contact groups to the “Shared with” list.

  • Share with individual people
  • Add the email addresses of the people you’d like to share with in the ‘To:’ field of the sharing dialog. Sending email invitations to group aliases won’t add each member of the group to the “Shared with” list. Read on for more information on sharing with Google contact groups.
  • Share with Google contact groups
  • You can also share directly with your Google Account contact groups — collections of Friends, Family, Coworkers, etc — rather than with every individual person. This gives access to all members of that group. Don’t have any contact groups? Create them in Gmail with a few clicks.
  • Click Send.

The Share button is the most direct way to share your photos, but there are several other convenient ways to invite your contact groups to view your photos. In Picasa Web Albums, you can share with contact groups when creating a new album or editing an existing album. In the Picasa software, you can share with contact groups when uploading or importing new photos. When sharing in this way, members of the group won’t get an email invitation; however, they’ll be notified if they’re opted into the Picasa Web Albums email digest.
Managing album access
You can remove an individual or a Google contact group from the “Shared with” list at any time. Just click the Edit next to the contact group to add and remove users from the group and therefore the ‘Shared with’ list. Keep in mind that changes made to Google contact groups will affect all products that use your Google contact groups.

Picasa Help
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Backing up your Pictures
Printing at home – the basics
Select the pictures to print and click “Shop“.>

  • Walgreens
  • CVS pharmacy
  • Ritz Camera
  • Wal-Mart photo center
  • Turn your photos into real U.S. postage stamps
  • Many more…

Costco Photo Center 4×6 prints 13¢
Sam’s Club Digital Photo Center 4×6 prints 13¢
You can order prints and personalized products from a variety of service providers.

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