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Boingo is the world's largest Wi-Fi network. Boingo is a "network of networks." They work with the top Wi-Fi operators all over the world — T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, iBAHN, Wayport, British Telecom and more — and combine them into one big network that you can access with a single user name and password. 800-880-4117

Boingo Wireless: $9.95/month for the first 3 months. 800-880-4117

Verizon Mobile Broadband Devices - Mobile Broadband Plans

Sprint Mobile Broadband Network -a broadband internet provider wireless - get wireless internet for laptop and get connection cards and mobile high speed

Boingo Unlimited - SPECIAL OFFER! $21.95 monthly membership fee for unlimited usage.
2nd month is FREE. 800-880-4117

Why just go, when you can Boingo?
Monthly flat-rate Wi-Fi plans for frequent travelers. 800-880-4117

What if you could get free, easy WiFi access anytime, anywhere? Join the global Movement of people making WiFi universal and free. It's simple: we all share some of our home Internet connection with the FON Community and we all connect to thousands of WiFi FON Spots worldwide.


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