An Invitation To Build Your Own WEB Page

Building your own WEB site is a bit of a challange but it is lots of fun.  Don't be put off by all of the strange buzz words you hear.  I suggest your get your web feet wet building a simple but effective site using a easy to follow step by step process.  You probably already have most of the tools on your computer.  Those you don't have can be downloaded for free from the web try Links To Software Downloads:.  I hope you will be convinced to try building your own Internet pages and publish them on the World Wide Web.  The subject or purpose of your WEB site may lean toward family issues, promoting a club, a church or it may even be used for business purposes.  Their are no ongoing costs involved in having a web site except film and film processing if you choose to put pictures on your pages.  Any Windows 95/98 computer used to surf the Internet will be capable of running the software required for authoring WEB pages.  As you will see the process has many steps but none is beyond the reach of anyone willing to work at it.

The initial setup phase of a web site requires the most effort, fortunately this is a one time requirement.  To get started I will lead you through the process of gathering the generally free tools, establishing a free account with a web hosting service, building the folder structure on your computer, and creating some template pages.

After gathering the needed tools and setting up the environment on your computer you will move into the web page building phase. This process will be repeated over and over each time you want to add a new page to your WEB site.  You create a new folder to hold the web page and it's components, if the web page will contain pictures they may need to be edited before copying to this new folder.  Using Netscape Composer you will open one of the template pages, rename it, add pictures, text, test and save the web page to the new folder.  After testing to be sure you can navigate to and from your newly created pages you will upload the pages and their contents it to the WEB host site. This completes the publishing process, your masterpiece is ready for all to view on the World Wide Web.

These procedures may sound a bit overwhelming at first glance but you can relax.  Using Step by step WEB page building: you will work through each area one by one.  Many of the techniques learned during this web page building exercise will be helpfull when using many of the other programs on you computer.  Also included are WEB Authoring Help Links here you will find references for most area of web authorig.

There are many ways to build and publish a WEB page, we will use just one of them.  The web site you will setup will be a non frames type, however most pages can be converted to a frames format later with minimal effort.  We will avoid frames for now to keep things simple.  I strongly recommend you download the newest version of the software I will be recommending.  By doing so you will have one less thing that will pop up differently than the way it is described.  After you get some web page building time under your belt feel free to try any and all of the different techniques.

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