Carbonite Online Backup free for 15 days

I use Carbonite to back up all my emails, photos, music and other irreplaceable content of my computer. It is easy to install, set up takes just one minute and it's completely automatic. As soon as you add or modify a file Carbonite automatically backs it up to their secure servers. You don't have to do anything! And the best part is, it's only $49.95 per year - no matter how much stuff you need to backup. Check it out.

I have been using Carbonite Backup for awhile it just works in the background no need for you to do any thing special.

Give it a try using this link get a 15 day free trial. After the trial if you decide to sign up for the service they will give you an extra month as a bonus.

Carbonite Online Backup free for 15 days

Carbonite backs up everything on your PC automatically over the Internet for less than $5 per month. Sign up now and you’ll get a free month added to your subscription when you buy!


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