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Remove Google+ Account

Remove Google+ Account Without Deleting Gmail Account

There is a safe way of deleting Google Plus account which deletes only the Google+ and not other Google services. This step by step tutorial  will show you how:

  1. Click on your Name or e-mail address on the top right of the Gmail screen when you are logged in and click on “Account settings”.
  2. Click on the Account Overview Link in the left pane and the click on the link towards the bottom of this page which says “Delete profile and social features – Delete Profile and associated social features
    • DO NOT select “Delete entire Google account — Close entire account and delete all services and info associated with it”
  3. On next scree, select the option which says “Delete Google+ Content” [IMPORTANT]. Then click the check box at the bottom of the page which says “I understand that deleting the service can’t be undone and data I delete can’t be restored.”. Then click the button which says “Remove Selected Services”. This is it.
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