Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Quick Assist Make The Connection

Assuming that you’ll be the person who controls the other person’s PC over the internet:

1. Launch the Quick Assist tool. Click the Start button, and you’ll find that it’s listed under the Windows Accessories folder, or you can type Quick Assist into the Windows Search box next to the Start menu.

2. Under “Give assistance” toward the bottom of the screen, click the Assist another person button.

win10 quick assist1 start
To help another Windows 10 user remotely, launch the Quick Assist app and click “Assist another person.”

3. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

4. Quick Assist generates a 6-digit security code. Give this code (by email, chat, text or voice call) to the person whose PC you need to connect to.

win10 quick assist2 share security code
A 6-digit security code is generated for the person you are supporting to enter on their PC.

5. The person who needs your help with their PC launches Quick Assist on their Windows 10 computer. Under “Get assistance,” they enter the 6-digit security code you gave them and click the Share screen button.

6. At your end, Quick Assist presents two options: “Take full control” and “View screen.” The latter option lets you see their PC’s screen without controlling it. For the purposes of this how-to guide, choose Take full control and click Continue.

win10 quick assist3 sharing optionsIDG
You can choose to control the other person’s PC or just view what’s on their PC’s screen.

7. Next, the person at the other PC clicks the Allow button, granting permission for you to access their PC.

win10 quick assist4 share screenIDG
The person you are assisting must give you permission to access their PC.
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