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I wanted to tell you more about Paytrust, this great service I use that lets me receive, review, and pay 100% of my bills online from anywhere – at home, at work or on the road. Here's how it works:

With Paytrust, I get much more than if I'd signed up with one of those bill pay-only services you get from your bank. All of my bills arrive online so I don't have to worry about collecting my paper bills on the kitchen table, remembering to schedule the time to go online and pay them, and stuffing them in a shoebox for future reference.

Instead of waiting by my mailbox for a bill to arrive, I get an email from Paytrust. Then I sign in to my secure Bill Center, review actual images of my bill, and with a click tell Paytrust how much to pay and when to pay it. The bill is paid directly from any of my checking accounts.

That's it. It's as easy as using email! No more paper clutter. No more stamps to buy. No more checks to write. Managing my bills each month is so much faster and easier with Paytrust.

What's more, the Paytrust Bill Center stores my complete bill-paying history, and integrates with Quicken(R), Microsoft(R) Money and Excel. There's even a feature called SmartBalance(TM) that can automatically balance your checkbook online.

Check out their site. Try it out – you can cancel at any time, but I'm sure you'll end up enjoying it as much as I do.

If you have any questions, e-Mail [email protected] or
call toll free at 1-800-PAYTRUST (1-800-729-8787).

Glenn Musser

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