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Moto G7 joins Google Fi’s phone lineup

Moto G7 joins Google Fi's phone lineup By Christine Fisher,

Today, Google added Motorola's Moto G7 to its fleet of Google Fi-compatible phones. The Moto G7 debuted last month just ahead of MWC, and it stuck to Motorola's trend of bringing mid-range phones to everyone. Now that Google is offering it when people sign up for its Fi wireless service, the Moto G7 is the newest low-cost Fi phone.

Google Fi vs T-Mobile: Which is right for you?

Google Fi vs T-Mobile: Which is right for you? By Contact,

Google Fi — which started out as Project Fi — is an online-only wireless carrier. The big selling point of Google Fi is that you only pay for the data you use, and that the data amount can fluctuate from month-to-month. Like other services from Google, it offers a different approach to an established paradigm — in this case, wireless service.

Google Fi SIM cards now available from Best Buy

Google Fi SIM cards now available from Best Buy with $10 service credit By Alex Wagner,

Google Fi is getting a retail presence.

Google Fi SIM cards are launching at Best Buy today. The SIM cards are now available online and in more than 500 Best Buy stores. They're priced at $9.99, but they come with a $10 service credit that'll activate within one week after your activation.

Best Phones for Google Fi in 2018

Best Phones for Google Fi in 2018 – By Hayato Huseman,

For just $20/month for unlimited calls/texts and $10 per GB of data you use (any data past 6GB is free), Google Fi is one of the most compelling MVNOs around — especially when you factor in its excellent roaming support, nationwide coverage, and Bill Protection feature that credits back whatever data you don't use. Fi works on almost any unlocked phone these days, but certain features work better on some phones than others — these are the ones that will give you the best Fi experience.

Google Fi (aka Project Fi): The complete FAQ – By Jr Raphael,

Google Fi may sound like some weird sort of initiation ritual ("Whoa, what happened to Rick? I heard he got Googlefied!") — but if you can get past its silly-sounding name, the recently rebranded wireless service can both save you money and step up your smartphone security situation.

Here’s How Much Money You Could Save by Switching to Google

Here's How Much Money You Could Save by Switching to Google Fi –  BY DALLAS THOMAS

In case you hadn't heard, Google is now a legit cell service provider. Google Fi has its pluses and minuses, but the biggest upside is in the pricing. Depending on how much data you typically use, there's a good chance you could save a lot of money without sacrificing coverage by switching to Fi.

Use this link to signup for Project FI as a new subscriber. Fi will credit you and Glenn $20 after you've been active for 30 days.


Project Fi is Now “Google Fi,” Works with Most Phones—Including the iPhone

Project Fi is Now “Google Fi,” Works with Most Phones—Including the iPhone – By Cameron Summerson,

It’s been a long time coming, but Google is upgrading its Project Fi cellular service with a new name, more features, and compatibility with a lot more phones. Even the iPhone is along for the ride now.

Google Brings Enhanced Network Features to Project Fi

Google Brings Enhanced Network Features to Project Fi By Paul Thurrott,

Google announced today that it is introducing enhanced networking functionality to its Project Fi wireless network. Among the changes are improvements to the Project Fi VPN and a faster, more seamless way to intelligently switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Google gives the Pixel camera Night Vision

Google gives the Pixel camera superhuman night vision By Vlad Savov,

Two years ago, Google’s release of the first Pixel smartphone radically raised the bar for the image quality we could expect from mobile cameras. Today, even as everyone else struggles to catch up, Google is extending its lead with the introduction of an equally revolutionary new camera. It’s called Night Sight, and it effectively lets your phone camera see in the dark. Only it doesn’t require any additional hardware or cost: Night Sight is a new camera mode for Pixel phones.

Best alternatives to Project Fi

Best alternatives to Project Fi by

Project Fi is unique, but if for some reason you can't or don't want to subscribe to it, here are some awesome alternatives.

There is nothing else like Project Fi in the U.S. Google's alternative carrier is a unique combination of flexible, powerful and intuitive. With one SIM card, it dynamically switches between three carriers in the U.S. and provides effortless worldwide roaming while abroad. With its app, it's easy to top up on data or share the cost of a plan amongst a group of people.

75 % off LastPass Premium Humble Bundle

Lock down your logins with 75 percent off a LastPass Premium subscription through Humble Bundle by

We've all heard the age-old advice: change your passwords often, never use the same password twice, create complicated passwords. But how many of us really follow that advice? That's where LastPass comes in, and right now its premium version is $6 for 12 months on Humble Bundle, down 75 percent from its list price of $24Remove non-product link—a deal that works for both new and existing users.

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Families

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Families by

Finding the right cell plan for you and your family can be a challenge. While many plans are simpler than ever before, the difference between carriers is still vast. Here are the plans that deserve a closer look.

Before choosing a plan, however, you need to figure out what your family needs. How many lines do you need? Is streaming king so you need as much data as possible? Do you prefer one video service over another?

Prevent some spam calls from interrupting you

Google’s Phone app can now prevent some spam calls from interrupting you by

Google’s Phone app can now automatically filter out calls that it detects to be spam, sending them directly to voicemail. Your phone won’t ring, and you won’t even get a missed call notification for any calls that Google weeds out.

If the spam callers leave a voicemail — you know, like the usual spiel about charges being filed against you over back-owed taxes — that will still find its way to your voicemail inbox.

Should you switch to Project Fi?

Should you switch to Project Fi? These are the pros and cons by

If you're fed up with being charged through the nose by your mobile carrier, there might be a cheaper solution for you straight from Google. Project Fi, Google's attempt to disrupt the wireless industry with cheaper plans, has been active for a couple of years now. But is it worth the switch? We take a look at the state of Project Fi today to find out.

Google’s Project Fi Is the Best Cellphone Plan You’re Not Using

Google’s Project Fi Is the Best Cellphone Plan You’re Not Using by The Daily Dot

Project Fi is an alternative to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile that refunds you for unused data.

Google has a solution for everyone who is tired of seeing astronomical cell phone bills at the end of each month. Launched in 2015, Project Fi is an alternative wireless carrier to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It uses three different mobile networks for service in remote areas and asks users to only pay for data they use. 

Get MOTO X4 With Fi

Android One Moto X4 This $400 phone is currently $170 for new Project Fi customers, after $150 + $80 off. This is a limited time offer from Google Project Fi. Glenn

Tap into the best of Android on the Android One Moto X4, pairing premier hardware with a best-in-class Google experience. Enjoy all-day battery with ultra fast charging and feature-packed dual rear cameras. 

Now $399 $249 with activation + additional $80 off for new Fi customers.  This month only!

  • Get $150 off the Android One Moto X4 with activation (regularly $399).
  • If you're new to Fi, you can also earn $80 Fi service credit.


Q: Is Fi right for you? Take the quiz to find out.

Can I bring my number to Project Fi?
Yes, you can transfer your current cellular number over to Project Fi when you sign up.

Project Fi Will Give an $80 Service Credit

Project Fi Will Give an $80 Service Credit to New Customers Who Buy Also Buy a Phone by

Looks like that expanded international coverage isn’t the only good news that Project Fi has to share today.

Project Fi is now offering an $80 service credit to new customers. All you have to do is buy a Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, or Android One Moto X4 from Project Fi, activate it within 30 days of shipment, and then keep your account 

Automatically Enable Wi-Fi When You’re Near a Trusted Network in Android Oreo

How to Automatically Enable Wi-Fi When You’re Near a Trusted Network in Android Oreo by

You disable Wi-Fi on your Android phone to improve battery life, which is great! But how many times have you forgotten to enable it again, ultimately eating up some of your mobile data when you could’ve been on Wi-Fi? With Oreo, that fear is no more.

Best Android phones you can buy

Best Android phones you can buy [October 2017] by

Looking for a new smartphone? There are dozens upon dozens of great options on the market today, but finding the best of the best can be a bit difficult. We’ve seen some great launches through the year and more should be coming soon too, so let’s take a look at the best Android smartphones you can buy as of October 2017.

Comparing Wireless Plans

Tips and Tricks for Comparing Wireless Plans and Finding the Perfect Plan by androidcentral

Here's how to make sure you have the right service plan for your phone, at the right price.

We all want phone service that works just right each and every time we need it. And of course, we don't want to overpay for it, either. That's a tough find, but you can get close and find a plan that's good for you with a little legwork. Don't worry, it's easy legwork!

How to Limit Data Usage on Android

How to Limit Data Usage on Android by TechAdvisor

It's easy to go over your monthly mobile data allowance and incur huge phone bills. Here we explain how to limit data usage for Android smartphones.

By Marie Brewis | 20 Apr 17

If you're not subscribed to an unlimited mobile data contract, or aren't always in range of a Wi-Fi connection, it's easy to go over your monthly mobile data allowance and incur huge phone bills. Here we explain how to minimise the amount of mobile data used by Android smartphones.

When choosing your mobile phone contract it can be tricky to work out how…

Project Fi, as ever, is a wonder.

  • Notes from the Road: CeBIT 2017 by 
    Project Fi, as ever, is a wonder. I landed in Germany and was greeted by a cheery welcome notification explaining that I was covered, and what the costs were: Data is the same $10 per GB I pay at home, phone calls are 20 cents per minute, and messaging …
  • Google Project Fi Review – July 11, 2016 by Paul Thurrott
    Google’s Project Fi is a near-perfect reinvention of what a wireless carrier can and should be, a great service with reasonable and fully transparent pricing. The one major issue—and this will be a blocker for some folks—is that it only works with a small selection of Nexus handsets and devices.
  • Project Fi in Paris: My International Connectivity Dreams Come True – July 27, 2016 by Paul Thurrott
    For the past decade, I’ve been paying exorbitant phone, text, and data fees when traveling internationally. And I’ve long dreamed of a day when I could simply use my smart phone outside the U.S. with no fear of these extra charges. Thanks to Project Fi, that day has arrived.
  • Project Fi in The Netherlands: Seamless, Inexpensive Connectivity – November 20, 2016 by Paul Thurrott
    I was able to experience the magic of Project Fi cellular access in Europe for a second time this past week. And yes, it held up nicely.
    As you may recall, I finally experienced the magic of Google’s Project Fi service internationally over the summer when we did a shorter-than-usual home swap in Paris. I already knew Project Fi was amazing domestically, but that trip showed me that one can now achieve seamless voice, text, and data access internationally, just as we do here at home. This service really has transformed international travel.

Get The Cheapest Phone Plan

AT&T vs. Verizon vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint: How to save and get the cheapest phone plan by CNET

Project Fi is Google's high speed phone service which uses a combination of Wi-Fi networks and data from carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile to always keep you connected.

  • Project Fi plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month + $10 Gb of data.
  • Nexus 5X – Pay $249 over time $10.38/mo for 24 months
  • Pixel (5" display) – Pay $649 over time $27.04/mo for 24 months
Total cost for a single line and a new phone over 2 years
Carrier Activation $650 phone Monthly line charge Monthly data plan Month Total Two years
ATT&T $25 $27/month $20/month 3GB – $40/month $87 $2113
Verizon $30 $27/month $20/month 5GB – $35/month $82 $1998
Sprint $25 $27/month $25/month 3GB – $25/month $77 $1873
Project Fi $0 $27/month $20/month

1GB – $10/month
2GB – $20/month
3GB – $30/month

$57 *
$67 *
$77 *

$1368 *
$1608 *
$1848 *

Note: * With Project Fi if you’re under your monthly data allotment, they credit the money back to your account. And if you’re over, there are no penalties, you get charged at the same rate of $10 per GB.
The Nexus 5X phone costing $249 is $10.38/mo, $20/month line charge, 1GB – $10/month
$40.38/month or  Total for two years $969 
All prices exclude taxes, surcharges or other regulatory fees, my Project Fi monthly charge for these in Pennsylvania are about $4.50 a month.
My monthly bill For my Fi service is under $30 including taxes and fees. I connect to Wi-Fi at home and whenever I can when out and about. Connecting to Wi-Fi at restraunts, airports, hotels and any place I regrulary visit helps keep data use down. 













Using Pixel Or Nexus With Project Fi

How To Use Your Pixel Or Nexus Smartphone With Google's Project Fi: Quick Guide And Practical Tips by Tech Times – ‎9 hours ago‎

Unveiled in 2015, Project Fi was Google's solution to lagging mobile phone network services. But instead of trying to usurp traditional phone carriers, it had instead partnered up with Sprint and T-Mobile to offer a cheap phone service that had better …

Google Project Fi – The Virtual Solution for the Moronic Network Issues by Nashville Chatter

Previously, Project Fi was just an invite-only program, although, it is not that anymore. Now, the users can go easily to the sign-up page of Project Fi and from there they can just order a SIM kit. After receiving the SIM kit, the users will have to …

Project Fi’s month-long referral program

Project Fi's month-long referral program nets new & existing subscribers a $20 credit by 9 to 5 Google

Following the addition of a group plan, Project Fi became a much more attractive service for families and others with multiple lines.

Refer Someone toProject Fi & You Both Get a $20 Credit by Android Headlines

Project Fi has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the big advantage is for users that don't use a lot of data, as they can have a pretty low monthly phone bill.

Google’s Pixel better than iPhone

8 reasons Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone by Business Insider

I've been using Google's Pixel XL smartphone for a few weeks, and the experience has highlighted the absence of some key features on the iPhone.

You should note that everything here is subjective. The iPhone has great features that the Pixel doesn't have, and the Apple ecosystem is in a league of its own.

But damn the Pixel is good.

Project Fi Group Plan

Google’s Project Fi now has a group plan by Android and Me

Ever since Google’s Project Fi launched in 2015, it’s only been available as a single-user experience. That’s changing today, as Google has officially launched group plans for Project Fi, which allows up to six people on a single plan.

Pricing for Project Fi’s group plans is set at $15 per user for unlimited talk and text. Data costs $10 per GB, and Google will be issuing refunds as usual for unused data used every month, even with group plans.

Project Fi Introduces Group Plans to Allow Six Members on a Single Plan by

You can now add your friends from college or your family members to your Project Fi plan, as Google has finally introduced plans for groups.

Project Fi Powerful Bonus Feature

Project Fi has a powerful bonus feature hidden in plain sight by Computerworld

An unassuming option can change the way you think about mobile technology — but only if you see it for its full potential.

Project Fi isn't your average mobile phone carrier.

Why Google Fi? Because it's fast, cheap and easy by Mike Elgan

The best mobile service just got way, way better. Google's poorly understood Fi is just too good to pass up (especially for nomads).

I'm a digital nomad. In fact, I've been living (and loving) the digital nomad lifestyle on and off for 10 years now. Specifically, my wife and I got rid of our house and put all our stuff into storage. Now we choose various places around the world…

Make Project Fi Your Wireless Service When Traveling

How To: Make Project Fi Your Wireless And Voice Service When Traveling by

After two weeks in Europe with Project Fi, I don’t want to turn the service off. 

I probably will, because I use a family plan with one of the “big four” carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) and have no need for another line of service. But I’m sold on how Project Fi handles wireless connectivity abroad, and believe this is the model for other carriers to follow. It’s transparent, simple, and is way better than the ridiculous international plans offered by others.

Project Fi in Paris

Project Fi in Paris: My International Connectivity Dreams Come True by Paul Thurrott

For the past decade, I’ve been paying exorbitant phone, text, and data fees when traveling internationally. And I’ve long dreamed of a day when I could simply use my smart phone outside the U.S. with no fear of these extra charges. Thanks to Project Fi, that day has arrived.

And, seriously, I never thought it would arrive, or that if it did, I’d be a tottering old man. Wireless carriers, especially in the U.S., love to soak any customers…

Project Fi Google’s wireless service

Google Project Fi Review by Paul Thurrott 

Google’s Project Fi is a near-perfect reinvention of what a wireless carrier can and should be, a great service with reasonable and fully transparent pricing. 

Google’s Project Fi Is One Step Closer to Unifying the World’s Wireless Networks by WIRED — and, in the process, providing your smartphone with a faster, more reliable, and less expensive signal.

Today, Google announced a deal with Three, one of the largest cellular carriers in Europe, that will allow Americans to use its experimental Project Fi wireless service when traveling in an additional 15 countries, bringing the total number of foreign countries where the service is available to more than 135. And at the same time, the company is removing the speed cap that previously limited the service overseas.

Google Fi covering 97% of international destinations of american tourists with 10X faster data speeds at no added … by Next Big Future 

Starting today, all Project Fi subscribers have access to high speed data in 135+ destinations. With the addition of Three to the Project Fi network, we're now able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before. And, just as before, there are no extra …

Project Fi revisited: 6 months with Google's weird wireless service by Computerworld 

Half a year with Google's multinetwork service teaches you a lot about what you want from a wireless carrier.

Let's face it: Mobile phone carriers kind of suck.

Some of them are better than others, to be sure. And most have gotten a littleless bad over the years — almost even bordering on the point of "not too terrible," in some cases. But by and large, carriers are right up there with airlines in terms of the levels of warm-and-fuzzy feelings they inspire (not to mention the number of absurd surcharges they tack on at every possible turn).

Nexus 5X deal $199

I have been using Google Project FI as my cell provider since last November, it has worked great for me. The best thing my bill are around $30 a month. See "What is Google Project Fi" below.  Glenn

Project Fi ditching invites, offering $199 Nexus 5X deal by Android and Me 

Project Fi’s first birthday will be next month, but Google isn’t waiting until then to celebrate.

Google today announced two big pieces of news regarding Project Fi. First up, invitations are no longer required to sign up for service. That means that anyone in the US can now sign up for Fi and give…

– – Google Project Fi  – Senior Tech Group 

What is Google Project Fi

Project Fi is a new wireless service that Google is launching to offer mobile service directly to users.

The most innovative aspect of Google Fi is its pricing: Google is charging $20 per month for talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in 120+ countries, then an additional $10 per GB of data each month. Google Fi includes unlimited international texts, Wi-Fi tethering to use your phone as a hotspot, and access cellular coverage in 120+ countries. International voice calls when traveling (non-Wi-Fi) $0.20 per minute in most countries. All International Rates Your phone number works in 120+ countries and calls are just a dollar for a 5 minute call ($0.20 a minute).

For example, a plan with 2GB of data costs $40 per month. However, if you don't use all that data, Google will partially refund the money you already paid. So if you only used 1.4 of your 2GB, Google says, you'll get $6 back.

Being a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) means Google essentially licenses network infrastructure from other carriers. Google is making itself the middleman between customers and carriers. So although your Project Fi phone will use T-Mobile and Sprint LTE service, you'll only ever have to deal with Google.

Your device will automatically hop among Sprint and T-Mobile networks and Wi-Fi hotspots depending on which has the best connection. Google counts over a million free, open Wi-Fi hotspots in the US as part of its network. When you're connected to Wi-Fi networks, Google encryption keeps you secure, the company says. And you'll transition seamlessly between Wi-Fi and LTE, even in the middle of a call.

Through new technology developed with their partners, Project Fi puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and two 4G LTE networks. This means you get access to more cell towers and 4G LTE in more places. Project Fi has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, two of the leading carriers in the US, to launch our service. You can view our US coverage Fi only available on the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6. These devices are the first smartphones that supports our network of networks. They work with the Project Fi SIM card, which supports multiple cellular networks, and a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across network types. 

What's included in the Fi Basics?  Fi one simple plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20/month. It includes unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, Wi-Fi tethering to use your phone as a hotspot, and access cellular coverage in 120+ countries. If your data usage at the end of the month is less than your data budget, you'll get a credit for approximately one cent per MB. For example, if your data budget is 2GB and you use 1.265GB, you'll get a $7.35 credit.  Note: My Fi bill is about $30 a month including taxes.

 Use Google Voice voice-mail on your Android device.

  • Set up voicemail on your Google Voice account.

At the TING Dashboard, use the following settings allow Google Voice to intercept your voicemails. 

  • Unchecked box in front of "Call Forwarding can be set on phone".
  • Check the box in front of, Forward 'Busy Signal' calls to this number (type in your GV number without spaces).
  • Check the box in front of,  Forward 'No Answer' calls to this number (type in your GV number without spaces).

At this point you are done.
I've tested my configuration. Seems to be working properly. I'm getting updates through the GV app, alerts to text and email and transcription appears to be working as well.

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