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My Favorite Smart Tech Devices of 2023

My Favorite Smart Tech Devices of 2023 – By Amanda Blum Lifehacker
I reviewed a lot of smart technology this year—and the best of what I reviewed made my life more efficient, saved me some money, and relieved anxiety. That’s what good smart tech should do. Surprisingly, however, some of the best finds this year were the least essential—they just quietly made life better. Here are the products I’m still using at the end of the year, long after the review was published.

Mistakes Smartwatch Users Make

7 Mistakes Smartwatch Users Make – By How-To Geek How-To Geek
Smartwatches are one of the newest gadget form factors to enter our lives. Wearing a little display on your wrist is great, but it’s a very different experience than your smartphone. You’re probably making some common mistakes. Let’s fix that.

How to Pay Less for Streaming Services

Disney Plus, Netflix, Max: How to Pay Less for Your Streaming Services – By See full CNET
Netflix’s account-sharing fees are here, and HBO Max’s relaunch as Max introduced a new $20 tier. With a wave of new costs and streaming service price hikes (like YouTube TV’s $73 plan), it may feel like a luxury to stream. If you add up the prices of each platform, you may discover you’re spending $100 or more a month. You can lighten your load, however.

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