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Google’s new Drive app replaces Backup and Sync

Google’s new Drive app replaces Backup and Sync with Drive File Stream   – By Jim Salter Ars Technica

Google has released a new Google Drive desktop app that replaces old versions for both home and business. The new Drive app builds in features from Google Photos, Backup and Sync (the old, primarily consumer app), and Drive File Stream (the old, business-targeted version).

How to use Google Drive for desktop app to backup files and photos – By Andrew Romero 9to5Google

Google Drive is a powerhouse of a file storage system. It makes it easy to save documents and other data that can be transferred to other Google apps as well. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to access Drive straight from your desktop – whether Mac or PC.

Google Drive Sync Settings | A complete Guide – By Tony Landry
For most of us with Google Backup and Sync application installed on the computer, a lot of our space on the drive is consumed by items you don’t need but got synced anyway. This would mean the Google Drive sync settings have not been configured properly. Not all of us can afford to buy extra space on Google drive, and for those who already upgraded Google storage, free space on the drive is a very valuable resource.

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