Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Tracking Software and Tracking Prevention

Questions from a group member:

I am looking for information on tracking software and tracking prevention. I get several emails or adds after I search for an item – recently, a frying pan. I understand that somehow "they' know I may be interested in a pan, but don't know-how. Does tracking prevention keep me from getting multiple adds/emails for that pan? So how can a low-tech person like me avoid these trackers?

I got these questions a few weeks ago form one of our group members. I tried to answer, but it isn't easy to get your head around. Just this week, one of the podcasts I follow did a segment on this very subject. They also gave links to the promotional videos of the company GetEmails uses to promote their tracking software to web site owners,

The take away is to be careful where you enter personal information on web sites or online services.

How to improve your privacy in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Brave – By Rae Hodge

Privacy is now a priority among browser makers, but they may not go as far as you want in fighting pervasive ad industry trackers on the web. Here's a look at how you can crank up your privacy settings to outsmart that online tracking.