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Download the latest Google Recorder app on most Android devices

Download the latest Google Recorder app on most Android devices – By Mishaal Rahman

Google’s latest Pixel 4 smartphones have a lot of appealing features like 90Hz refresh rate displays and Google’s latest camera software, but one of the features that we’ve personally found to be incredibly useful is the new Google Recorder app. This app is a fully offline voice recorder with real-time transcriptions and audio search. Google’s Recorder app may not be entirely original or the most feature-filled, but it does what it’s built to do really well. If you own a Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, or Pixel 2, then the app is also available for you so long as you’re running the latest December 2019 software release. If you have the first generation Pixel or any other smartphone, then you’ll have to resort to unconventional means to download and install the latest version of the Google Recorder app.

How to get Google's awesome Recorder app even if you don't have a Pixel smartphone – By Mike Prospero

Google's Recorder app is pretty awesome: Real-time transcripts of conversations, which we've found to be pretty accurate. It's a real boon for reporters and others who don't want to spend hours transcribing interviews, or paying someone else to do it. It works remarkably well, too, with all of the processing done instantly on the device, rather than being sent to the cloud.

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