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Tablo Quad Review!

Tablo Quad Review! [] By Moderndad, – about $200

Tablo's over-the-air DVR boxes have long been the easiest way to record OTA TV. And the new Tablo Quad is just about perfect. It's got FOUR tuners. And instead of an external hard drive, it takes in internal SATA drive.

Tablo Dual Lite DVR review: The all-around champ is cheaper than ever By Jared Newman TechHive

This is the best over-the-air DVR for folks who aren't tech-savvy. Price $139

If you're trying to record and watch free broadcast TV channels on all your streaming devices, you have two paths to choose from: Power-users might want to cobble together their own solution using disparate tuners, recording devices, and media server software. But for almost everyone else, there's Tablo.

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