Getting Comfortable With The Basics

* Motherboard’s Security Tuneup 5 parts

Motherboard's Security Tuneup

Introducing Motherboard’s Digital Security Tuneup – Join us every day for one week to get your data on lock.

  1. You Should Take Five Minutes to Update Your OS and Apps – For day one of our digital security tuneup, take a minute to update all your operating systems.
  2. It's Time to Actually Use Your Password Manager – Day two of our Personal Security Tuneup has you start swapping out your lazy passwords for secure ones, stored in a manager.
  3. You Should Be Using Two-Factor Authentication on Everything – Day three of our personal security tuneup: turn on that 2FA!
  4. Ad Blockers Are Good for Security, Too – On day four of our security tuneup, we recommend installing and ad-blocker…but consider white listing trusted sites!
  5. Seriously, Stop Using Flash – It's day five of our digital security tuneup and it's time to banish this internet relic.


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