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High school kids get video of the eclipse

High school kids get video of the eclipse… from 32,000 meters above the Earth! by

Look, I know: After the total solar eclipse in August, you probably reached saturation with images of videos of it. I know I did, having seen the event from every angle and manner possible.

Or so I thought. In fact, there was one I hadn’t considered, and jaded as I was I still gasped with delight when I saw it: a video of the Moon’s shadow on the ground taken from a weather balloon from a height of 32 kilometers (105,000 feet)!

How cool is that? And it gets better: That balloon was launched by high school students. They were participating in a group called Earth to Sky Calculus, started by some of the students who were “tired of being lectured to and wanted to explore Nature in a different, more hands-on way.” So Dr. Tony Phillips — the person who created the fantastic…

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