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Chrome OS 84 Gets An Overview Mode Upgrade

Chrome OS 84 Gets An Overview Mode Upgrade – By Chrome Unboxed  VIDEO

Chrome OS 84 launched last week and came packed with way more features than we were expecting. With a handful of things we were expecting to ship with Chrome OS 85 showing up in 84, we’ve all been quite pleased with the new stuff available to try out and tinker with in this latest update. By far, however, my favorite new feature has to be the ability to utilize the Chrome OS overview mode the way you’d expect to with single and multi-monitor setups.

PC Backup

The Beginner's Guide to PC Backup – By Eric Griffith

We all know we're supposed to back up our data. It's essential to a person's well-being and peace of mind, and one copy of a file on your computer does not a backup make. Redundancy, people, redundancy!

How to Backup a Computer to External Hard Drive? – By

Backup a Computer – Even though it may seem a great idea to gather all of the important files in one folder and let it reside safely over any local storage directory, but this is not true for every situation. With the growing influence of the Internet of Things, our data has been exposed to various vulnerabilities. Whether it’s a drive failure or system corruption or any cyber-attack, data is the only thing that suffers a lot.

How to Clone a Hard Drive on Windows & Mac – By Ivan Belcic

Cloning your hard drive creates a perfect one-to-one copy, fully bootable and exactly like the original. You’ll want to clone your drive if you’re backing up valuable data, migrating to a shiny new computer, or upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD). Learn how to clone your hard drive on Windows computers and Macs with our step-by-step guide.

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