Snowbird Tech Group
Gathering Each Monday – 1:15 PM in the Groves Clubhouse
Our free gatherings are open to everyone!

Internet and TV Service in Fort Myers 

Groves Sports 2019   Horseshoes – Bocce  – Shuffleboard – Corn Toss 

No matter what operating system your computers, tablets or phone uses or if you are thinking about getting involved with some new tech or making a change, this is the place for you.

We do not have any prerequisites, just come, ask questions, bring your tech issues and enjoy.

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Google is now offending cell phone service named "Project Fi" check out the details. 

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The Gadget Gurus:  Before and after the regular meetings in the Club House, we will be available for one-on-one assistance with your computers, smartphones, cameras, tablets, etc. Bring your tech issues and enjoy.

Hope to see you next season, we'll be starting tech gatherings early January 2020. 

The Senior Tech Group brings technology users together to share knowledge and experience. User groups represent the spirit of the frontier, a community getting together to do things that no individual ought to have to do alone. User groups founded on the principle of “members helping members.”  We are particularly interested in helping those who have limited or no experience with computers so they may participate in the rapid transition from traditional means of communications and commerce to the Internet. So please invite your "non-connected" neighbors to come along to a meeting or clinic and see how quickly we can help them learn what they need to know.  And please understand that, while a listed presentation topic may not be of particular interest, the discussion often branches into other issues of importance to those attending and that there is no meeting where you don't learn something new. 

Click to submit your tech question for discussion at our next group meeting.

A snowbird is a term often associated with people who move from the higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern USA and Canada and migrate southward in winter to warmer locales such as Florida or elsewhere along the Sun Belt of the southern United States.

During our group meetings, we will explore the following topics and more.

  • Getting started with a computer
  • Using the Internet more effectively
  • Shopping online
  • Talking online using video chat, webcam, and Skype
  • Using your computer and its software
  • Digital photography
  • Sharing photos on the Internet
  • Connecting to wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Building web pages
  • Using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.
  • Set up your web address and personalized e-mail address. 

Best Features in the New Gmail by How-To-Geek – Gmail makes email easy and efficient. And maybe even fun.