Getting Comfortable With The Basics

Copy is a Dropbox alternative

Copy is Barracuda Network’s Dropbox alternative, offering free storage for new accounts.
     Click here to get 15Gb free account.

Copy is the easiest way to store, protect, and share all your amazing things. With 15Gb  FREE storage for new accounts and competitive pricing plans, you have enough space to store virtually everything you need. And anything you save with Copy is instantly accessible on your computers, smartphones, tablet and the Copy website.
App Features

  • PhotoCopy: A quick, easy way to sync your photos and videos with your Copy account
    • PhotoCopy automatically uploads any photo or video you take with your device’s camera for a safe and fast backup
    • Enable PhotoCopy in your preferences
  • On-demand access to all your files
  • Easy file sharing without big attachments
  • Invite other people to join your folders for even easier sharing
  • Upload your photos, videos, or anything from your SD Card
  • Download past versions of any file