Getting Comfortable With The Basics

* Chromecast & Chromecast with Google TV

Senior Tech Group Question
    How to connect Chromebook to a TV which is not smart, but has Roku. Ellen

The best way to display Chromebook (both screen and sound) content on an HD TV is to use Chromecast. Roku does not reliably support Chromecast at this time.

The two Chromecast devices below will allow casting the content from a Chromebook, Android phone or tablet, or any computer using the Chrome browser to your HD TV.

Chromecast with Google TV  permits casting in 4k HDR has a remote, and functions much like a Roku player allowing access to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max…

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player only supports 1080P resolution and does not have the remote or streaming service support.

Chromecast with Google TV brings you the entertainment you love, in up to 4K HDR. Get personal recommendations from your subscriptions – all in one place. No jumping between apps to decide what to watch. $49.99

  • All you can watch.
    Enjoy the entertainment you love in up to 4K HDR. Discover over 400,000 movies and TV episodes. And cast directly from your phone or tablet to the TV.
  • Stream on.
    Get fast streaming, and enjoy a crystal clear picture up to 4K and brighter colors with HDR.
  • Use your voice.
    Ask to search for specific shows, or my mood, genre, actress, and more. Talk to Google and say, “What should I watch?” And use the remote to control the volume switch inputs, play music, and get answers on-screen.

Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player  Black Friday price $18.99 Was $29.99

Key Specs

  • Streaming Services – Netflix, YouTube
  • Maximum Supported Resolution – 1080p
  • Operating System Compatibility – Android, Apple iOS, Chrome, Mac, Windows
  • Remote Control Included – No