Getting Comfortable With The Basics


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Google Fi for iOS adds in-app visual voicemail

Google Fi for iOS adds in-app visual voicemail w/ transcripts, playback – By Abner Li9to5google.com2 min
Last November, Google’s MVNO dropped the “Project” status and added support for many more phones. Google Fi is available on iPhones, but with limitations that require you to tweak some settings for MMS and no support for voicemail in the native Phone client. An update to the Google Fi app today adds visual voicemail to iOS.

Password overload making your head explode

Online password overload making your head explode? A cyberfraud expert has the answer – By Rob Carricktheglobeandmail.com3 min
Technology’s most epic fail of the past two decades is arguably that passwords are still being used for internet security.

Passwords were manageable 20 years ago, when we frequented a small number of websites at most and few or none of them involved money. Today, many of us have half our lives online. 

Ting is dropping support for GSM-only phones

Ting is dropping support for GSM-only phones and T-Mobile, switching to Verizon – By Corbin Davenportandroidpolice
Ting Mobile has been a popular MVNO carrier for years. Much like Google Fi, it's oriented towards people who don't use a lot of cellular data, with the option to mix-and-match tiers for minutes, texts, and data usage. A major strength for Ting has been the ability to use either a GSM or CDMA network, but that will soon go away.

Find your way around Google Maps

Find your way around Google Maps with these handy tips and tricks – By Simon Hilldigitaltrends.com19 min
One of the early signs that Google might expand beyond search in all sorts of interesting and unexpected directions was the Google Maps release in 2005. Borne out of a series of acquisitions, the Google Maps project has grown over the years to encompass satellite imagery, millions of points of interest, street views, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic conditions, public transportation, and a good deal more.

Instead of Changing Your Passwords, Upgrade Them

Instead of Changing Your Passwords, Upgrade Them – By David MurphyEmailTwitterPostslifehacker.com4 min
What makes for a great password? Something long, something randomized with all kinds of characters—numbers, symbols, and letters of all cases—and, ideally, something backed up by a secondary authentication method. In other words, the easier it is for you to remember your password, the easier it is for someone else to crack it (generally speaking).

7 Reasons You Should Be Using a Password Manager – By Dave Parrackmakeuseof.com5 min
You’ve heard about password managers like LastPass and Dashlane, but you’re not sure if you need one. Well, here’s the thing: you need one. If you have more than one account and are security-aware enough to maintain different passwords, you need a password manager.

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