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Are free password managers safe to use?

Are free password managers safe to use?  – By Ken Colburn

Everyone has heard the advice that you need to use long, complex passwords that are unique to each account that you use. Unless you only have one or two online accounts, the only way to adhere to these security measures is to use some form of password manager.

Low-Hanging Fruit Series: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)  – By Austin Downing

At VDA Labs we work with a variety of companies both large and small. During our engagements, we see many of the same reoccurring issues that allow us access to systems. To help combat these threats VDA Labs is starting a blog series we are calling “Low-Hanging Fruit”. Throughout this series VDA will be talking about the most common issues we see, along with how each issue can be combated. In our previous piece we talked about password security.  This article discusses why organizations need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and some foibles we see around MFA implementations.