Janet Myer is The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln


‘The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln,’ is a costumed, first person, one woman play in its 7th year of presenting.  This play starts with  Mrs. Lincoln having a better day, as she anticipates dying in the very near future.   She relates her whole life, the whys for all her sadness and tragedies as well as her wit, great humor, and happiness with being the wife of Abraham Lincoln and the mother of 4 sons.


Many stories are told of these happy, go lucky, misbehaving boys, as well as in-depth look at Mr. Lincoln’s life.


Mrs. Lincoln is a very complex person.  A kind, loving, but also hot tempered individual.  


Ages 10 and up, men or women enjoy this play.  Presentation is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long.


“Scarlett” is a fun,  entertaining first person,  costumed  book  review aimed at a mature audience.  This review is perfect for an afternoon dessert or ‘tea.’  This review lasts about 45 minutes.


“Scarlett,’ the book, is by Alexandra Ripley.  It is the sequal to Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone With The Wind’ book.  ‘Scarlett’ was permitted to be written by the Mitchell descendants.

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