Janet Myer is The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln

Mary Lincoln

Mary Ann (Molly) Todd was born December 13, 1818, in Lexington, Kentucky. Her parents were considered wealthy, her father was among other relatives having founded Lexington.


Mary Lincoln died on July 16, 1882 at age 63 in Springfield, Illinois where she resided with her sister, Elizabeth Edwards.


On November 4, 1842, Mary became the wife of the upcoming lawyer and politician, Abraham Lincoln. Mary was a loving wife, supporting Abraham in every way she could. They adored each other, and became lonely when Abraham rode the circuit for generally three months in the spring and three months in the fall.


The Lincolns had a marriage of 23 years.


Their marriage was blessed with four sons. Robert, (Bob,) Edward, (Eddie,) William (Willie,) and Thomas (Tad.) Only Robert lived to adulthood. Eddie died at three years of age on February 1, 1850. Willie died at 11 years of age on February 10, 1862. Tad died at 18 years of age on July 15, 1871.


President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on Good Friday and died the next day, April 15, 1865 at the age of 56.


During Mary’s marriage, she not only lost her husband and three sons, but also her father in 1849 and her Grandmother Parker in 1850.


Mrs. Lincoln has been accused of having various mental problems and angry fits. In my opinion, the realities of her distressful headaches from an early age, her reoccurring malaria and fevers, a serious head accident, and an excess of pain medications may have had an influence on her behavior.


My one-woman play called ‘The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln’ tells her life story from birth to just before Mary’s death.


I am delighted and honored to present the historically correct life story of one of the most misunderstood, hated, abused, and tragic figures in the U.S.A.: President Lincoln’s beloved wife, Mary.


I present Mrs. Lincoln in a way people can understand her many moods, her ambition, and feel the warmth of love she had for her Family. I believe that without Mary, there would not have been a President Lincoln! 


In this play, I wear my Grandmother Crouse’s late 1800′s black mourning costume, choker and brooch. My fan and handkerchief are from Brugge, Belgium. And thanks to Ruth Braun, my godmother, for crocheting black trim on the hankie to show Mary’s widow weeds!


In pride, I have shared ancestry facts with the Lincolns. My grandfather, Alexander Hamilton Crouse was born October 23, 1828, just 9 years after Mary Todd was born. ’Ham,’ as my grandfather was called, voted for Abraham Lincoln.


Mr. Crouse married in 1894 at age 66 to 22 years old Miss Tee P. Humphreys of Hardin County, Kentucky, the same county that Abraham Lincoln was born in.


After years of research on the Lincoln Family, I have developed quite a passion for Mary!


Mary is buried just across from President Lincoln’s tomb. The Mary Lincoln’s Coterie of which I am a member, places a wreath by her tomb each July 16. I am also a juried member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters.


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