Janet Myer is The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln

Janet Myer’s credentials

Janet Myer of Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, Indiana is a life time resident of this historical neighborhood.  Janet is a wife of 51 years, mother and grandmother.  As an active member of St. James Lutheran Church's Ladies Society as well as a Stephen Minister Leader, much time is occupied.  Horse camping with her quarter mare, Babe, is a priority, and Janet loves to travel. In November of 2012, she was on a pilgrimage to Israel.


Janet started researching the Lincoln Family about 2003 which evolved into a passion for Mary!  It was a fun time authoring a lecture called 'The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln' and while presenting it at one library, the director suggested it be put into a play.


With much enthusiasm, a Mary Lincoln web search found Donna McCreary, author and Mary Lincoln enthusiast, who invited Janet to attend the Mary Lincoln Coterie in Springfield, Illinois for Mary Lincoln's death anniversary memorial service on July 16 at the Lincoln Tomb.  The Coterie had been doing this since 2000, and after a wonderful ceremony,  the Coterie places a wreath at Mary Lincoln's tomb which is across a small walkway from President Lincoln's tombsite.


Donna McCreary has been an inspiration, mentor and support to Janet  and she suggested application for the juried acceptance into the Association of Lincoln Presenters.   Janet has been a member of the ALP since 2008.


Janet has presented her 'The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln' in Indiana, Florida and Virginia, and on August 28, 2013, in Asheville, NC.


The book review of 'Scarlett' was first presented to Janet's Dayton, Indiana Reading Club.  Once again, encouragement to make this a public presentation evolved into getting a costume together and the only advertising that has been done is the old adage, 'by word of mouth,' which has worked well.  I have presented this in Indiana and Florida.



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