Janet Myer is The Tragic Mrs. Lincoln


Welcome to THE TRAGIC MRS. LINCOLN, a one-woman play and the book review of SCARLETT, that is, Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With The Wind fame. 


The play is authored by me, Janet Myer, Lafayette, Indiana and performed by me.  This play is done in first person and in costume.  I travel with my own stage and P.A. system.  After years of Lincoln family research, I have developed a fondness and passion for Mary Lincoln!  I feel a need to exonerate her.


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The book, ‘Scarlett,’ is authored by Alexandria Ripley, it is the sequel to ‘Gone With The Wind,’ written by Margaret Mitchell, and given permission to author it by the Margaret Mitchell descendants


In the book of ‘Gone With The Wind,’ Margaret Mitchell reminds us that Scarlett is not a pretty woman.  However, must I remind you of how Ms. Vivien Leigh portrayed her?  Now, THAT was a performance!


I do this play and book review for organizations, resorts, churches, theaters, etc.  I would be pleased to have you use my Contact Page regarding any questions you may have for your needs.   I have performed in Indiana, Virginia and Florida.


Among some of the locations my programs have been presented are the Purdue University Elderhostel, West Lafayette, Indiana, The Fairfax Retired Military Officers Center in Alexandria, Virginia, and the Naples, Florida Museums.


I am delighted to have you stop by!  Please browse through my site for interesting information on my presentations.  Thank you! 

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