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Chromebooks aren’t just for kids anymore: How my mom made the switch from Windows by Brenden West on September 14, 2014

THE BEST CHROMEBOOK YOU CAN BUY - Next time you buy a cheap laptop, look long and hard at Chrome OS By David Pierce on August 13, 2014 

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Acer Chromebook 13 changing the game with the Nvidia Tegra  The first Chromebook with the Nvidia Tegra is going to shake things up, especially for Intel.  By James Kendrick for ZDNet Mobile News | September 4, 2014

Compare Acer Chromebook 13 models

On Amazon Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU (13.3-inch Full HD, NVIDIA Tegra K1, 4GB) by Acer $379.99 
Available for Pre-order.   I Think this is the one worth the wait! Glenn

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad Core 2.1 GHz Processor
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
32 GB Internal Storage
13.3-Inch Screen, NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA cores
Chrome, 11-hour battery life


Defend Your PC From Junkware

Defend Your Windows PC From Junkware:  5 Lines of Defense – by How-To Geek

How to Avoid Installing Junk Programs When Downloading Free Software

How to Avoid Junkware Offers with Unchecky

AdwCleaner or Junkware Removal Tool.  These programs automatically scan your system for nasty junkware and can quickly remove it.

Ensure a Windows PC Never Gets Malware By Whitelisting Applications

How to Monitor and Control Your Children’s Computer Usage on Windows 8

TV Antenna

At Wal-Mart online check out this outdoor TV Antenna.

RCA ANT702F Indoor/Outdoor Amplified Antenna

Tune into the RCA Amplified Antenna ANT702F for a multi-functional and dependable electronic accessory that provides high-quality entertainment in your home. It offers exceptional digital television reception in an unobtrusive design. You can watch broadcast channels readily available over the air or HDTV digital broadcasts and it also compliments streaming players. Consistently preserve reception purity and boost weak signals with a single component. The digital amplified antenna integrates seamlessly and easily into most any indoor or outdoor home environment. For added space and convenience, it mounts to a mast, a wall and even to your deck railings or any other appropriate surface. Use it for a family viewing night, treating yourself to a marathon of your favorite television show or have friends over for the big game. This RCA indoor outdoor antenna will help enhance your viewing experience.
RCA ANT702F Indoor/Outdoor Amplified Antenna:

  • Free TV: Enjoy top broadcast channels over the air
  • Great complement to streaming players
  • Receives free local VHF/UHF and HDTV digital TV broadcasts
  • Adjustable in-line amplifier to boost weak signals
  • RCA indoor outdoor antenna preserves signal purity with extremely low noise amplifier

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Anyone can intercept your passwords or banking details if they're on the same Wi-Fi network with you (coffee shop, airport, hotel) using simple programs that are widely available on the internet. Don't be a sitting duck:

I use and recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)​ you could set one up yourself if you had the technical expertise. This is a lot of trouble and I'm not sure it would be easy to use and foolproof. Instead of rolling my own I use is a subscription service ProXPN this link will take you to the info and signup page.  If you use the coupon code SN50 it is just $5 a month, it's easy to use and works on my laptop and smart phone.

Android Tips

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Android by Rob Pegoraro Yahoo Tech

Google’s mobile operating system is an extraordinarily flexible tool. But not all of its features are easy to discover — especially if you have a phone onto which the manufacturer or carrier has spackled its own interface. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get more out of your mobile device, and maybe also clear up a myth or mystery or two about it.

Yahoo emails forwarding

Forward incoming Yahoo emails to Gmail automatically.

Enabling auto-forwarding: 
In your Yahoo Mail: 

  • Mouse over the Settings menu icon Gear Icon and select Settings. 
    The Settings window appears with Accounts selected as the default category. 
  • To the right of "Yahoo Account," click Edit. 
  • Under "Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere," select Forward. 
  • Enter the email address your incoming messages will be sent to in the "Forwarding Address" field. 
  • Select your forwarding option from the drop-down menu: 
    • Forward only:
      • Your incoming messages are automatically forwarded to your selected email address. Copies of the forwarded messages are not saved in your Yahoo Mail account. 
    • Store and forward:
      • Your incoming messages are delivered to:
        • Your Yahoo Mail account's Inbox (or other folder if you have filters set up).
        • The forwarding email address you designated. 
    • Store and forward and mark as read:
      • Your incoming messages are:
        • Delivered to the forwarding email address you designated.  
        • Your Yahoo Mail account, where they're automatically marked as read.