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Getting Comfortable With The Basics

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Anyone can intercept your passwords or banking details if they're on the same Wi-Fi network with you (coffee shop, airport, hotel) using simple programs that are widely available on the internet. Don't be a sitting duck:

I use and recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)​ you could set one up yourself if you had the technical expertise. This is a lot of trouble and I'm not sure it would be easy to use and foolproof. Instead of rolling my own I use is a subscription service ProXPN this link will take you to the info and signup page.  If you use the coupon code SN50 it is just $5 a month, it's easy to use and works on my laptop and smart phone.

Android Tips

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Android by Rob Pegoraro Yahoo Tech

Google’s mobile operating system is an extraordinarily flexible tool. But not all of its features are easy to discover — especially if you have a phone onto which the manufacturer or carrier has spackled its own interface. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get more out of your mobile device, and maybe also clear up a myth or mystery or two about it.

Yahoo emails forwarding

Forward incoming Yahoo emails to Gmail automatically.

Enabling auto-forwarding: 
In your Yahoo Mail: 

  • Mouse over the Settings menu icon Gear Icon and select Settings. 
    The Settings window appears with Accounts selected as the default category. 
  • To the right of "Yahoo Account," click Edit. 
  • Under "Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere," select Forward. 
  • Enter the email address your incoming messages will be sent to in the "Forwarding Address" field. 
  • Select your forwarding option from the drop-down menu: 
    • Forward only:
      • Your incoming messages are automatically forwarded to your selected email address. Copies of the forwarded messages are not saved in your Yahoo Mail account. 
    • Store and forward:
      • Your incoming messages are delivered to:
        • Your Yahoo Mail account's Inbox (or other folder if you have filters set up).
        • The forwarding email address you designated. 
    • Store and forward and mark as read:
      • Your incoming messages are:
        • Delivered to the forwarding email address you designated.  
        • Your Yahoo Mail account, where they're automatically marked as read.

The Web / Internet?

The Web is not the Internet by Vsauce

While people tend to use the two terms interchangeably, the Web and the Internet are two distinct ‘entities’. YouTube channel Vsauce looks at the differences that define each as a distinct ‘entity’ and takes a stroll down history lane for both in today’s video.

Scam Alert

Scam Alert

This one keeps coming back.  Sounds like it’s active again.  You get calls from someone, often with an Indian accent, claiming to be from Microsoft or the Windows Support Group claiming that they have detected a problem with your computer.  This is a hoax.  Microsoft doesn’t operate this way.   Just hang up on them.  If you really have a problem, contact Glenn or Bob.  

Important note regarding Comcast 

As of today, February 25th, 2014 Comcast stopped delivering unscrambled local TV channels on their cable.  Therefore you will no longer be able to receive ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. without one of their Digital Converter boxes.  If you have the ability to install an antenna in your attic, you can receive these channels directly off the air with a digital-capable TV.   Depending on your location, you may also be able to receive them with a rabbit ear antenna.  On the other hand, if  you are served by Verizon FIOS you can still receive the local channels (3-1, 6-1, 10.1, etc)  and a lot of other channels on a Digital TV set without a converter box.